As I recall, my first artistic experience was a mural of ambitious linework and explosive colour. It was the purest and most direct artistic expression of my career and I believe it was my launching pad into the realm of the artistic universe. Actually what happened was, my parents left me in my crib with a pack of crayons. They left a large pad of drawing paper for me, but they also had the crib in the corner of the room right beside a much larger white wall that was really calling to my expressive nature. It became a massive black scribble with every colour punctuated throughout it.

Needless to say that when my masterpiece was revealed to my parents they weren’t ready for my bold expression of palette and form, and they spent the next hour cleaning it off the wall as I watched both confused and amused. I expressed my profound disappointment in their lack of support of my new-found artistic vision, and they responded by moving my crib into the middle of the room.

Hello, my name is Mark Seagram and I am an artist who lives and works in Toronto, Ontario Canada. I work in oil paints, mixed media, collage, sculpture, film and screenwriting. I graduated from OCAD in 1997 where I studied in both drawing/painting and film/video production.